3D Daring Dignified Art

3D Daring Dignified Art

RenderMan 24.3 がリリース!

PIXAR 社から RenderMan 24.3 がリリース!
Volume及びOSL関連、Mari4.5 &5に対応、そしてバグの改善です。その他のアップデートは、ここで確認できます。

RenderMan 24.0 のニュースはこちら


  • txmake: Added support to txmake for aborting on input NaN's by using -checknan

RIS に関して

  • OSL: Custom LPE match and throughput values can now be accessed in OSL via getattribute("lpe:match"/"lpe:throughput","<customlpename>"/"<customlpeexpression>",val);  This wires the RixCustomLPE API into OSL via a custom getattribute call.  This will allow the shading to vary based on the throughput or in paths specified by a custom LPE.  For example, a shader can respond and return different values depending on whether it a ray has refracted through a particular object or not.
  • LPEs: Added 'white' LPE flag, allowing the color of shading events to be excluded from light path expressions. This allows other properties of the shaded points to be written to AOVs without the color being multiplied in, extending the set of things which LPEs can be used to express.

XPU に関して

  • Geometry: Added support for matrix primvars