3D Daring Dignified Art

3D Daring Dignified Art

RenderMan 24.2 がリリース!

PIXAR 社から RenderMan 24.2 がリリース!
「Aggregate Volumes」、「Path Guiding」、「MaterialX through openUSD's hdPrman」、「OSL RayType」、 「Houdini 19 support」、そしてバグの改善です。その他のアップデートは、ここで確認できます。
RenderMan for Blender 24.2 はまだリリースされてない。(2021/11/11現在)


  • CPU レンダリングと XPU レンダリングで、Shader のレンダー結果が違うことが改善された。
  • CPU + GPU レンダリングが、GPU のみのレンダリングより遅いことがあることが改善された。
  • XPU レンダリングにおいて、PxrDisplacement が機能しなかったことが改善された。

RenderMan 24.0 のニュースはこちら


  • hdPrman※1: Consume MaterialX through hdPrman.  Pattern networks are compiled to OSL.  BxDFs are transcoded to PxrSurface.
    ※1:RenderMan Hydra Delegate の略

RIS に関して

  • Volumes: PxrPathTracer now supports "Aggregate Volumes".   Aggregate Volumes is a new technique allowing you to render overlapping volumes more efficiently and lower the time to first pixel. It also allows PxrSurface to use a heterogeneous volume in its interior integrator.  See details here: Aggregate Volumes and in the DCC specific documentation sections.

  • Volumes: PxrVolume has a new velocityPrimVar parameter. This is more efficient than reading the velocity via a PxrPrimvar or PxrVariable pattern
  • Volumes: Adding additional new parameters to impl_openvdb: densityScale, densityRolloff, filterWidth, velocityScale
  • Lights: Light shaders now have the ability to opt into multiscattering approximation calculations for the new aggregate volume feature
  • Integrators: Added support for Path Guiding.  It can be activated in PxrPathTracer and the PxrUnified integrator via the new risGuiding integer parameter. Path Guiding is currently incompatible with integrator settings with more than one indirect sample, and with PxrPathTracer's 'manual' bxdf sampling mode. Requires light learning to be enabled
  • OSL raytype() is now implemented.  The supported ray types are "camera", "shadow", "reflection", "refraction", "diffuse", "glossy", "subsurface", and "displacement"
  • Statistics: More stats are available in the JSON report.

XPU に関して

  • Rendering: Crop Window support is now available on XPU.
  • Rendering: Add support for computing curvature on polymesh/subdiv/curve/point geometry
  • Statistics: More stats from XPU's lighting subsystem are now available in the JSON report.

Stylized Looks に関して


  • New feature: Dilate + Sort for signals going off geo
  • Master Line Thickness & Line Thickness Scaling
  • Daisy Chain Comp Modes: Over, Plus, Multiply
  • Overwrite Data AOV option


  • New AOV: NPRNtriplanar
  • Support custom surface normal coordinates for blended triplanar (ex: __Nref)
  • Hatching Mask (set in PxrStylizedControl) to mask Hatching ON/OFF per object/shader


  • Support custom surface normal coordinates for blended triplanar (ex: __Nref)
  • Cam Depth Scale at object/shader level for all features in Lines & Hatching that rely on camera distance
  • Hatching Mask control at object/shader level
  • Triplanar Scale: XYZ scales for triplanar projections at object/shader level

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